Charades and Teamwork Encouragement


This September at SSHL in Sigtuna, Sweden, the Life Link organization at school took part in a fair arranged by the student-run organizations for the school’s younger students, aged 13-16. The aim of the fair was to promote the selection of student-run organizations available at the school. The Life-Link student board at the school were quick to jump on the opportunity to introduce the students to two of the the three C’s; care for myself and care for others, through a fun game of team charades. The classes were divided into small groups, where individuals had to act out or mime words/actions provided to them, with the rest of the group trying to successfully guess as many as possible in five minutes.

Although light-hearted and fun, the game highlighted the importance of teamwork (caring for others) and how teamwork can, when applied correctly, contribute to a positive spirit and constructive processes where the end result can benefit from a vast array of knowledge and experiences. The students also learned that the positivity generated by constructive teamwork is good for oneself (care for myself), in the sense that it feels worthwhile and fulfilling to the individual. These skills are crucial for the future of sustainable development around the world, and teaching these skills from a young age will hopefully help build a stronger generation of leaders and global citizens.