UN convention on prohibition of nuclear weapons


Life-Link Friendship Schools has expressed its support for the Swedish government to sign the UN Convention on prohibition of nuclear weapons. Therefore Life-Link shares the view of most Swedes. More than four out of five want to join this convention. Sweden has a long tradition and is one of the leading countries in persuing peace and encouriging disarment. Consequently, it is seen as an important step in the future and credibility of Sweden. Hopefully it can be an inspiration for other countries to support this convention in demanding disarment of weapons of mass destruction.

Nuclear weapons are the most destructive weapons humans have ever invented. Today consequences are still visible from the two nuclear bombs that hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Many people and their children are in need of care for injuries, diseases and congenital abnormalities. Those were the cause of the destructive impact and the release of nuclear radiation.