Think Globally - Act Locally

Schools around the world,
Working Together

Our aim is to help the local community and environment.

“Think globally – act locally”

Dr Hans Levander, Founder

Why Become a Life-Link School?

Join students around the world working to build a sustainable future!
  • Working together we can make a true difference.
  • Writing reports inspires others to take action.
  • Spreading the word about sustainability, one step at a time
  • Attending the Life-Link Conference is inspiring
  • Making a real difference to our planet

Engaging Young People Worldwide

It's about building a better tomorrow today
The Life-Link Friendship-Schools program is free of charge and is about schools doing something good for their community and environment while coordinating or sharing their actions with other schools. The program helps the local community and environment. Gives students a sense of higher purpose and accomplishment and helps foster international and intercultural relationships with the aim of improving international relations.

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