World Peace Flame

Rabbani Education Complex

In July 1999 seven flames, lit on five different continents, were brought to the UK, Bangor, where they were united into one flame: The World Peace Flame. The flames were turned on by seven eminent peacemakers who devoted their live to peace. They created a symbol of eternal peace, friendship and peacefully coexistence. Afterwards people from all over the world came to Bangor and lit a flame to bring light home and have a World Peace Flame in their country.

The world peace flame candle in Iran was lit by a peace activist, who is a victim of land mines during Iran- Iraq war and part of a peace organization named: Society For Chemical Weapons Victims Support or (SCWVS) in Tehran Peace Museum.

Life-link students turned on peace flame candles from Tehran peace museum and transfered them to their schools. In the picture below you can see two students who are lighting the candles in a special ceremony in Tehran peace museum.

Rabbani Education Complex - World Peace Flame2.jpg
Rabbani Education Complex - World Peace Flame1.jpg