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Subodh Public School

July 11 Subodh Public School, Airport organised and conducted Inter Class Debate Competition for classes 6 to 8 it was an opportunity to celebrate World Population Day and to become a part of world wide campaign to create a beautiful world for ourselves and for the future generation. It was a Battle of ideas; Battle of expression of thoughts, understanding facts and realities to reaffirm our determination to build a better world by promoting human rights and well being of all. Participants came up with solutions and suggestions to deal with population explosion, one of the major concerns of the world which is giving rise to many social issues like poverty, illiteracy, starvation, threat to human existence, due to growth in population. Stabilizing population will reduce and minimize miseries. Young participants wished every family to be a gift, where life begins; love never ends; where smiles last forever; faith multiplies; Joy of togetherness becomes the strength of every member of every family. So that we all can live quality life peacefully, in harmonious coexistence with other live forms, respecting the Earth, it's environment and it's resources and each one of us prove to be an asset to our Nation not liability. School Principal appreciated participants, congratulated them for being the part of world wide campaign.