Planting Bulbs in Sigtuna

3:06 Tree Planting Action

On October 26th, members of the Life-Link organization at SSHL in Sigtuna, Sweden gathered to plant spring bulbs by the entrance of our school with the help of one of our gardeners. Being a school that is located in close proximity to nature (thus allowing us to have large, open areas) the Life-Link board felt that it would be a shame not to take advantage of this in order to care for both others and for nature.


The purpose of this action was firstly, to provide for a more colourful school environment in the spring when the bulbs will bloom. This will hopefully cheer people up at a stressful time of year when exams and assessments are abundant. Secondly, the flowers will be beneficial to the ecology of the school’s environment by allowing for wasp and bee pollination, which in turn helps retain biodiversity in the area around the school. This contributes to a more sustainable and balanced eco-system.