Fighting air pollution

Schools in Tehran

Diminishing air pollution in our city Tehran is the first step toward diminishing global warming and tackling climate change. In response to Greta Thunberg movement in Sweden we accelerated our efforts for performing the project.

The reality is that, I Mostafa eil, as a peace and sustainable development educator with more than 40 years educational experiences have decided to roll up my sleeves and use all my experience and abilities to do something about climate change.

Mostafa Eil - Climate change project Iran.jpg

In this project we first described the earth in three separated forms through drawing animations entitled the conditions of earth before global warming, the conditions of earth during global warming and our efforts for returning the earth to the conditions of before global warming. In the third phase we defined a wide range of activities including our activities regarding diminishing air pollution in our city Tehran. In this perspective we get lead by the maxim think globally act locally. The students of Hazrat vali asr Educational Complex and some other schools in Tehran are performing the project in the framework of educational workshops.

  At first the students determined and classified sources of air pollution and then we negotiated and discussed about following topics:

  • Air pollution is one of the most important factor of global warming and climate changes.

  • Climate Change should be an imprtant part of our school curriculum

  • We should start it from ourselves and from our schools

  • We should start it from chaning our own life-style

Finally, the students agreed and formed several working groups as follow;

  •  Working group for hiking

  • Working group for cycling

  •  Working group for using of public transportation

  •  Working group for technical test of family car

  •  Working group for warning those who are the causes of pollution

  •  Working group for advertisement

The students promised to fulfill their goals in one month and report its results to their schools.

Mostafa Eil

Educator of peace and sustainable development from Tehran