Healthy Food & Healthy Eating Habits

Action 1:04

In Theory

Food and nutrition in maintaining good health.

Food and methods of agriculture.

Unhealthy food, today’s understandings.

Eating habits and eating disorders.

Step by Step

Make a list of the experts that you want to invite for the actions, and invite them.

Ask local business people in your community to sponsor your “Good Food Party”.

Plan for the “Good Food Party”.

in Action

Lecture by nutritionist on nutrition, food, eating habits.

Lecture and discussion with local farmer(s) about agriculture techniques.

Lecture by medical expert on eating disorders, and by a dentist on healthy teeth.

Writing of letters to producers of unhealthy foodstuffs to request them to improve their products.

Writing of letters to youth magazines requesting them to have articles on healthy eating and to use photo models of average healthy proportions.

Have a “Good Food Party” where students will prepare a healthy meal for parents, journalists, the Mayor, some local food producers, other invited guests.