Sport & Peace: Get on the Move


in Theory

Physical activity and health.

Sport & Peace, the Olympic Ideals.

School curriculum and sports.

Physical activity facilities in community.

Competition versus Care & Share.

Step by Step

Invite local or national sport “heroes”, present or retired, to assist the Sport & Peace Games at your school.

Invite experts to talk on Physiology (Blood Pressure, Cardiac and Lung functions, Muscles function etc), Glucose metabolism, Physiotherapy, Sport training, Sport psychology.

Invite owners/coordinators of fitness/sport centres in your community.

Plan for surveys and friendly games events, Sport & Peace games.

Invite community journalists, and student journalists to write about your Sport & Peace activities.

Motivate administration and physical exercise teachers.

in Action

Perform discussions on the theme of Sport & Peace, the Olympic Ideals, and the Olympic Truce. (

Perform a one day “Sport & Peace Games” at / around your school. Combine theory and physical activities.

Lecture on: Physical activity and health.

Inaugurate a programme at school called: “Get on the Move”. Organise a regular walking or jogging programme around the school premises; it could be daily or 1-2-3 times a week.

Organise a signed commitment form for each person: Choosing – elevator or stairs? Bicycles or motor vehicles?

Conduct a survey on health facilities in the community – invite the owners/coordinators to market their facility – Make it an annual event. Organise visits to some of these training centres.

Conduct a survey on the student health at school: Body Mass Index, Step test with Pulse monitoring etc.

Conduct a dancing event, could be part of a Sport & Peace Games one day programme.

Conduct a Life-Link action where students perform physical activities combined with Life-Link fundraising projects. Example: Parents pay 1 $ for each student jogging 1000 meters, etc.

Write / draw a document / poster on how to improve fitness among staff and students at your school. How to involve parents!