Voice of the Youth

Action 1:05


IN Theory

Empower students to make positive decisions and contributions.

Step by Step

Decide on an action that would give students in your school more confidence to make decisions or have their opinions heard.

Enlist the help of the student council for your chosen action(s). Work with the student council to inform the other students at the school about this action.

Involve and organise parents and teachers so that they support and promote the required arrangements concerning the work experiences.

Carry out your action(s) and advertise it under the name “Voice of the Youth”.

in Action

Give students the confidence to make decision through practical work experience, one day with decision makers in real work situations. (If you are interested in a specific area, such as law, sit in at trials or help out at a law firm. Ask for one day or some days in close cooperation with community decision makers, enterprises, school principal and other school staff, etc.).

Give more power to the student council and encourage the principal/school-board to keep in regular and close communication. If a student council does not already exist at your school, one could be formed.

Organise lectures on various topics related to the future. The youths themselves could be allowed to hold these lectures as to share their ideas, perspectives and views.
Start cooperation between the student councils from different schools at a town/city level.

High school students (coordinators) could help the primary school students with the issuing of their own school magazine, containing news from the lives of the primary students.