Self-Confidence: 3 Small Actions a Day

Action 1:09


in Theory

Self esteem, self confidence building and human identity.
Who am I? What do I want?
Personal growth.

Step by Step

Invite a speaker (teacher, parent or professional) to give information on self confidence building and the use of affirmations.

Organise and invite a group of junior students to a special “Affirmation Training Session”.

in Action

Senior students act as mentor educators of a group of junior students.

Lecture, information and discussion on the Theory.

Mentors train other students in the use of affirmations and help them increase their self confidence.

Inaugurate the program “3 Small Actions a Day”. First Action: Once a day, give yourself an appreciation/affirmation! (Second Action: Once a day, make an Action of random kindness to someone else! Third Action: Once a day, make a small Action in favour for nature! Pick up a “waste” or reduce energy consumption etc.)

Continue over a long period of time to act as mentors to junior student group to help them increase their self confidence.