Social Addiction - Gambling, Computers, etc


in Theory

Addiction patterns in society: Games, Gambling, TV, Computers, Shopping, Fashion, Violence, Mobile telephones, Power, etc.

The human brain; rewarding systems.

Consequences of social addiction.

Step by Step

Prepare a survey and interviews for your class.

Prepare a survey for your local community.

Invite a social worker, psychologist to lecture.

Invite people to speak to your group who are or have been addicted.

in Action

Discuss what social addiction worries your class or group of students the most.

Conduct a survey in your community of within a specific environment that promote social addiction.

Conduct a survey in your class on the time and money spent on gambling, games, TV, computers, etc.

Organise a lecture from professionals or/and people who are or have been addicted.

Prepare an action plan to assist alleviate the pressures of social addiction.