Children in War


in Theory

Children living in war areas.

Children as war soldiers.

Desensibilisation; Psychology in training to kill and to destroy.

PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Taboos that exist in our society.

Step by Step

Organise a day dedicated to the theme “Children and War”.

Life-Link group plans the day, distributing leaflets and putting up posters.

Find lecturers and link with teachers and plan lessons.

Organise collection for children in war zones. Organise for collected items to be sent to humanitarian organisations working in war zones.

Order the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (National UN Association, UNICEF or UNESCO National Commission).

in Action

Instead of using electrical devices, classes are held by candle light, and lunch is very simple, etc.

Organise to provide support for the children in warridden areas by way of practical items for use, not money. All students bring something for the children, e.g. clothes and toys.

In class have the theme of “children and war” and study many different aspects of this topic. By doing this the students can obtain knowledge about the historical, geographical and political back- ground of the country and the events that are taking place there.

Make a posterpresentation of the articles in the United Nations “Convention on the Rights of the Child”, the articles dealing with children and war, children as soldiers, children as refugees etc.

If possible, perform a presentation or discussion with invited people who have experienced war.