Handicapped People in Society


in Theory

People with physical and mental handicaps.

Our attitudes and behaviour towards handicapped people; Influenced by knowledge and encounter.

Communities, organisations, transport systems, work places and institutions response to the special needs of handicapped.

National and international legislation concerning handicapped people in society.

Step by Step

Plan lectures and activities.

Contact community expertise like community planning department, physicians, agencies and organisations for handicapped people, media, etc.

What technical resources do you need?

Plan for documentation.

in Action

Lecture on types and on causes of physical and mental handicap.

Invite handicapped people to your school, how well is the school equipped for handicapped youth, teachers, other staff and visitors.

Arrange a parade including handicapped people at and around your school.

Some pupils could carefully move around the school or even in the near community “blinded”, “deaf”, “mute” or “disabled in arms or legs” in wheel-chairs to get a small experience of what it is like to be handicapped.

Visit community rehabilitation centres. What sports are suitable for certain handicapped?

Make a report and discuss it with your partner-school/s and your community officials.