Community Service


in Theory

Schools and Community in cooperation.

Why do community service? What can I do? How do I do it?

Who are the people in need?

Step by Step

Have a meeting and decide how you will research community needs.

Research to determine community needs and then take action. Carry out your research.. Telephone local council and community agencies for information and cooperation.

Discuss the community needs and choose one you would like to do. This is very flexible and can be adjusted to suit the needs of the local community.

Organise the community action, involve as many students as possible. Your imagination is your limit. It is important to note that a set day and time during the week is ideal to make service a habit, and we suggest having a student group organiser for many projects.

Make the initial action limited to one day, Longterm actions or projects might develop out from your first initiative.

Advertise to the school and local papers what you have done and why.

in Action

Community Service School Campaign or Action.

Here are some suggestions: Visit elderly people, day-care centres, orphanages, hospitals.

Give lectures on pertinent topics: Health, Environment, Conflicts & Collaboration, Human Rights etc.

Read stories, create art, dance, and have parties at children’s organisations.

Work with underprivileged and/or handicapped people.

Help “Habitat for Humanity”.

Make a follow up discussion with community officials, local business people and journalists about your experiences.