From a Culture of Violence, to a Culture of Peace & Care


in Theory

Statement on Violence (Sevilla conference 1986, adopted by UNESCO 1989) In summary: Biology does not codemn humanity to war. The same species who invented war, is capable of inventing peace. The reponsibility lies with each of us.

Weapons of Mass Destruction (Atom bombs, Biological weapons, Chemical weapons).

Step by Step

Discuss within the planning committee what you want to do. Choose action/s and start planning.

Invite speakers to talk on the Statement on Violence and the United Nations declared Culture of Peace Year 2000.

Use the Internet to look up Peace Concerts of James Twyman to gain some ideas.

in Action

Discussion on the Statement on Violence.

Lecture on weapons of mass destruction and on the principle of Deterrence.

Essay writing on the theme “Culture of Peace”.

Drama, workshops, peace walks, peace concerts, ceremonies eg Hiroshima lantern ceremony on 6th August.

International Children’s Peace Monument project, initiated in Japan, contact Life-Link coordinator in Japan:
YAMAGUCHI Ryoko, Doshisha Junior High School
Fax: +81-75-2514363
E-mail: y-ryoko<at>