Fair Trade


in Theory

A product for sale. The process from raw materials via production, refinement and ultimately for trading.

What is and what is not included in the price?

Economy and Currencies.

Regional and international trade.

Step by Step

Set up a planning group, and select one or two examples on production and trade, e.i. Food (Tea/ Coffee/Cocoa?) or Technical producs (Cars, Computers ..) or Clothes (Jeans, Shoes ..).

Invite representatives from farming or mining, exporters/importers, shopowners, multinational agencies etc.

Invite representatives or order information material from organisations engaged in Fair Trade (Oxfam, Christian Aid, Sacceus ?).

Plan for visits to local shopkeepers.

in Action

Discussion at the school, preferably using a few examples of production, trade and the monetary flows around the process.

Visits to local shopkeepers. Discuss how to influence on a Fair Trade and Fair Trade producs.

Present a plan on how you want to make your own buying and trade in the future.