Contact Day


in Theory

Global Interconnectiveness and Interdependence.

The increasingly importance for youth and schools of today to link together, learning about each others cultures and understanding them. School-Twinning, Partner-Schools, Schools-Networking for Global Security.

Step by Step

Life-Link students decide on Contact Day action(s).

Organise the action to take place. Invite IT expertis. Find partner-school(s).

Report the action to everyone in the school.

in Action

Performance including a local telecommunications enterprise on the power of todays Information Technology (IT) systems. Connect with one or some schools in other countries.

Fundraise for short student exchanges to experience another culture.

Fundraise for communication system at your school available for your School-Twinning and International programme.

MUNGA (Model United Nations General Assembly) – where we represent a nation other than our own. You must learn about cultural and political opinions. Give a presentation.