Constructive Collaboration

in Theory

Constructive Collaboration, what does it really mean? Differences women and men in collaboration strategies?

Team Building, Cooperation and Synergy.

Conflict Resolving skills such as Negotiation skills etc.

Step by Step

Organise a group to work together. Train how to work together so everyone is heard and everyone negotiates how the action will take place.

Invite some good team-leaders, coaches from your community like sport leaders, enterprise directors, cultural leaders, military commander, police officer. Men and women represented!

in Action

A lecture on “Team”, “Synergy”, “Negotiation skills”.

Actions where students must work together to achieve an outcome for the good of the school. Choose something that needs improving in the school, a playground, interesting painted bins, more trees etc – use your imagination.

Report to the whole school and the local newspaper what students achieved by working with each other. Have a celebration together to have fun and recognise the groups efforts.