Transports at and Around Our School


in Theory

Modern society is highly dependent on efficient transportation means for people and goods.

Transportation systems demand energy consumption.

Community policy on transportation.

Efficient and earth-friendly transportation systems.

Step by Step

This action fits very well within an Earth Week programme around Earth Day 22 April.

Plan for transport survey and other investigations on transports energy demand.

Invite some expertise people for the planned actions like bicycle repair professionals, experts on community transportation policy, buss companies.

Ask the police for advice on secure biking or walking in the community.

in Action

Lecture and discussion on the theory.

Make a one week survey on transportation means at the school: pupils, teachers, goods delivered to the school or taken away from the school.

“Biking for Peace and Care for Nature”, how do I keep my bicycle fit (if I have a bicycle of course). Bicycle service actions at the school.

A biking parade in the near school surroundings.

Transports together.

Documentation and reporting.