Tree Planting Action


in Theory

Deserts across the world are increasing due to human use/misuse of earth and flora.

The fundamental importance of trees and other flora for life on Earth.

Step by Step

Plan and organise a lecture on the problem of desertification and the biology of trees and flora. Community and/or national experts.

Plan for actions as drafted above.

Tree planting actions have been proposed by many schools worldwide. Be careful to select proper trees for your purposes.

in Action

Lecture on “Forest and Agriculture Policies in Relation to Desertification”.

Lecture on “Biology of Trees”.

Decide on a longterm action/project if your country is increasing its deserts.

A student group to research on deserts.

Plant indigenous species which grow in dry climates and hold water (i.e.-hepier grass in Kenya).

For students living in non-desertified countries: Learn about the problem. Remember that you can help by not contributing to the destruction of forest (recycle, plant trees, importation of wood and furniture from endangered regions/countries).

Fundraising or sending to desert areas supplies (seeds).

Documentation and reporting to school, community, journalists, ecological organisations, agriculture unions etc.

Perform a whole school tree planting ceremony.