Green School Garden


in Theory

Garden cultivation. Plant, vegetable and flower growth requirements.

Insects and microorganisms in a green garden.

Fertilisers and pesticides, necessary or hazardous parts of a green garden?

Influence of a green environment on human health and wellbeing.

Step by Step

Set up a committee to organise a green school.

Decide on the scope of your project.

Plan how you will go about the project. Could be part of the IDEAS action.

Raise funds and invite sponsors.

Advertise your program and the reasons for the program.

in Action

Have a Green School Garden planting day.

Create a green school outdoors and indoors. Use the school premises or nearby areas to grow vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Organise for each student in a particular group to take care of a plant or flower.

Organise a maintenance rotation for school plants.