Chemicals & Nature


in Theory

Manmade chemicals and their effects on nature.

Heavy metals, elements and nature.

Global warming.

Ozone layer depletion.

Step by Step

Set up a committee.

Contact a research organisation to find a suitable expert speaker on the topic, or invite a community expert dealing with toxic substances.

Develop a survey, ask for help from the experts to make it high quality and useful for community purposes.

Organise a campaign to increase students knowledge on chemicals at school and in their homes.

in Action

Perform information talks to know more about the problem.

Carry out a survey of students, what chemicals are used in the home? Quantity and quality.

Carry out a survey at school, what chemicals are used in the school? Quantity and quality.

Report your results and start a campaign for students to influence school and parents to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals.