Drama - Art - Music - Writing Poetry about the Environment


in Theory

The environment is at risk and many people are not aware of the problems. What are the problems with the environment today?

Different strategies to convey a message.

Step by Step

As a group, plan and write an environmental play and invite students and parents to see the play.

Fundraise if you wish by charging an entry fee and giving it to an environmental project at your school or in your country or at any region in need.

Send a request to Life-Link in Kyoto, Japan and ask for a copy of their play “Let’s Save our Earth”.
Fax: Yoshihiro Ukita +81-75-7817124
E-m@il: diw025@mail.doshisha.ac.jp

in Action

Increase understanding of environmental problems through “entertainment and enjoyment” – write and perform plays about the environment.

Example. Japan – play “Let’s Save Our Earth”, a drama in English dealing with environmental issues such as recycling cans, the extinction of animals and damaged trees by acid rain and CFC’s (Freons).

Perform drama so many people from children to adults will be more interested in these problems.