Water for Life


in Theory

Water is a limited and a non-renewable “resource” on Earth.

Water is an indispensable constituent for Life.

Water connects people and states through rivers, seas and oceans.

Demands for water causes serious conflicts between neighbouring states.

An ethics in favour of “Caring and Sharing of the Earth’s Water” must have highest priority for individuals’ behaviour as well as collective undertakings.

Step by Step

Choose and plan the actions you wish to take.

Prepare and plan for water quality monitoring. What testing material do you need?

Prepare for a Water Ceremony at school or in the centre of community.

Investigate if there is a regional schools-network around your river or sea. Contact UNESCO office or Ministry of Environment.

Teachers prepare for lectures and students search for basic facts.
Contact community about visits at the water service and the local sewage plant.

in Action

Lecture about the theory above.

Measure the quantity and the quality or water at different parts of the school.

Discuss for what purposes water is used at your school. At individual level and for common purposes.

Compare and discuss the monetary price set on 1 litre of Water, 1 litre of Petrol, 1 litre of Milk, 1 litre of Soft drink.

Perform a “Water Ceremony” at your school or at the center of your community in a park or around a dwell or a fountain. Dance, music, poems.

Visit and lecture at your local or community water “producer” and your nearest sewage plant.

Discuss your water-results and water ceremony with your partner-school/s in other countries.

Connect to or start up a schools-network around your nearest river or sea.