Clean Up the World Campaign


In Theory

Pollution! Why?

Clean Up The World Campaign, initiated in Sydney, then covering Australia, today encompassing the World.

Step by Step

Contact Clean Up The World Campaign Australia to register and to send you information and materials designed to assist with your activities. Follow the directions. You will find out if any organisation in your country is coordinating this campaign nationally.

Fax: +61-2-96920761

Inform nearby schools and other environmental active groups.

Send a copy of your Life-Link action report to

in Action

Join the Clean Up the World Campaign, supported among others by the United Nations.

During the same week in mid September clean up your local community. 30 million+ people in at least 100 other countries participate!

Report your results to your school, information board at the school, local media, Mayor and community, and to the campaign coordinating office in Australia.