Endangered Animals & Plants: Biodiversity


in Theory

Ecology, Biology, and Ornithology.

Endangered animals, their way of living, their habitats and how we can protect them and study their behaviour.

Step by Step

Invite professional ecologists and animal wardens to make presentations and guidelines to all the students.

Plan for your lectures, visits, animal survey, birdnest actions, fundraising activities (magnifying glasses for 1-2 minutes for hire. Etc).

in Action

Talks by either rangers, students, teachers, volunteers, and animal wardens.

Lectures, meetings, films, zoo visits, posters, fundraising.

Hold an animal festival with exhibitions, lotteries, and selling cards for fundraising where the money goes to organisations working to protect endangered animals or “Save the Rainforests”.

Perform a one day survey on “Animals at our school”, any size of animal, in the air, on the ground, in the earth, in the school building etc. Make a protocol with photos or drawings. Plan for such a survey annually.

Put up some birdnests, appoint responsible class and students for each birdnest.