IDEAS - International Day of Environmental Action & Service


in Theory

The aim of this day is to unite schools and link their actions globally so that we respond together in a common concern.

This project was set up by an English school to encourage contacts with other schools.

This action can be a part of the Clean Up the World action (3:03). If you run IDEAS in September as a part of the Clean Up the World action, just report your results to Newport Free Grammar School.

Step by Step

Contact and Register with
Newport Free Grammar School, UK
Telefax: +44-1799-542189.

Organise where you will perform your actions and services.

Organise who will clean; students, parents, teachers, journalists, members of the school board etc.

Plan how you will report and keep in contact with Newport Free Grammar School.

in Action

It is a day around the third saturday in october, when each participating school carries out an environmental action or construction, mending, preserving action specific to their own area and its needs.

During the day each school contacts and reports to Newport Free Grammar School and preferably your partnerschools.

After the actions, arrange a barberque.

A Certificate will be sent to your school from Newport, frame it and put it on a central wall of your school!