Switch off Something: Energy Resources& Sustainability


in Theory

Most of energy resources that we use today are non-renewable.

Energy forms, demands and sources.

Using these sources ruthlessly we seem to forget the impact that our behaviour has on the lives of future generations. Students and schools can influence to use valuable and precious resources of nature carefully.

This Action proposal comes close to the R-R-R action and the Transportation action!

Step by Step

Decide how you will start the campaign, actions either taking a day or longterm projects. How will you monitor and record the results.

Set a committee to discuss S.O.S actions you will advertise and support in your school.

Create catchy slogans, bright colours and symbolic images.

Make “Switch Off Something” posters and stickers, put them up all over the school and neighbouring community, so that people would learn the important habit, e g switching lights off before leaving the room.

in Action

Having presentations of environmental friendly energy sources, like solar and wind energy.

Start a number of small “one day” actions. S.O.S. according to your Step by Step planning.

Campaign advertising the environmental importance and health aspects of covering distances by walking or riding a bike instead of using a car, using stairs instead of elevators, etc.

Sealing windows in school to prevent heat from disappearing. (Care for fresh air ventilation!)

Striving for energy saving technological advances and energy conservation.

Putting a brick or a water bottle into the toilet water tanks in schools in order to save water when flushing. What amount of water is needed according to your toilet visit! Other solutions?

Statistics from energy savings according to these actions would be put up on a notice board centrally located in the school.